SYSTEM PLANNING CORPORATION specializes in supporting defense, national security, and domestic preparedness programs. Our 40 years of success is rooted in our commitment to provide innovative solutions through advanced technology development. Read More

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Advanced Research Group

Survivable military assets and enabling technologies

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SPC's Advanced Research Group (ARG) supports government scientists and program managers in the design, development and demonstration of advanced military, intelligence systems, and associated enabling technologies. The largest of its three divisions, SPC’s ARG is largely centered on direct customer support to DARPA and IARPA advanced research programs, and has expertise that spans system and component level development and integration for micro to large scale systems designed for sea, land, air, space, and cyber domains.

ARG provides technology development solutions, program management and systems engineering services, test and demonstration support, and technology transfer in support of mission-critical technology programs and modern defense initiatives. Its applications span numerous defense department and intelligence community requirements including sensors, lasers, autonomous systems, chemical and biological defense tools, solid-state devices, electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) devices, MEMS, materials, communications systems, signal processing, digital and mixed-signal circuits, data fusion and analytics, and energy generation and management matched to system needs. SPC’s ARG is composed of five functional areas:

  • Advanced Microsystems
  • Advanced Platforms
  • Advanced Space Systems
  • Advanced Weapon Systems
  • Advanced Wireless Systems and Sensors
Advanced Technology Group

Cutting-edge, custom-made radars and measurement technologies

Composit images representing various capabilits of the ATG divisionAt SPC, we pride ourselves in providing nationally recognized engineering, analysis, and planning support to the public and private sectors. Our small size fosters strong working relationships with clients, while our broad scope of services ensures no requirement is beyond our reach.

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Radar Capabilities
Advanced Systems

Our clients’ demands have always been diverse, and as a result SPC boasts tremendous accomplishments across many disciplines. We have improved radar measurement technologies for U.S. stealth bombers; assessed emergency preparedness plans across the nation; hosted State Department events for ambassadors and world leaders; and provided staffing support and technical expertise for DARPA programs and system/technology offices.

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