Creative Solutions
Professional graphic, web, and publication solutions refine every client's message.

Eagle Morphing into a Horse

SPC integrates creative solutions into various client programs. Our web, print, and multimedia services are applied across the spectrum of SPC programs, and include dynamic presentations, critical defense technology publications, and original website designs. With an in-house staff of expert writers, designers, and technicians, SPC offers exceptional communication tools to refine our clients' message.

Multimedia Design and Animation
Our graphic artists integrate client concepts into original designs and animations for events, presentations, posters, marketing materials, and websites.

Projects have included:

  • Animations for new technology demonstrations, including custom 3-D characters, props, settings, and special effects
  • Graphics and logos for project marketing, as well as cover art and unique text layout for publications
  • Videography including filming, editing, analog-to-digital conversion, and adding titles, graphics, and effects (pre- through post-production)
  • High-quality audio tools for voice-overs, scripts, and original music scores
Web and Database Technologies
Our web experts create streamlined electronic processes to enhance program management, with services including website design, database management, and collaboration tool development. We build professional, interactive websites that provide useful and timely information to enhance the business goals of our customers.

These web projects include:

  • Internet applications for content and information exchange
  • Websites for conference registration and project management
  • Online evaluation tools for rapid program analysis
Editorial and Publishing Services
Our editors and writers produce compelling marketing copy, winning proposals, and accurate technical documents. We work closely with engineers, scientists, subject matter experts, and graphic artists to deliver documents that meet stringent quality and content requirements.

We are well-versed in government and industry style standards, from The Chicago Manual of Style to The U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual. We are also familiar with military service and defense agency editorial standards and specifications.

We have edited and published many classified and unclassified documents for the DoD and other federal agencies including, most notably:

  • The U.S. Army Science and Technology Master Plan
  • The DoD Defense Research and Engineering, Science and Technology Plans
  • TheU.S. Fire Administration's Fire in the United States—An annual survey published and distributed to 34,000 fire departments in the U.S.