Radar and Measurement Technology
Facilities & Services

Measurement Facilities
Controller DesktopSystem Planning Corporation is the industry's leader in applying radar cross-section (RCS) measurement technology to determine the radar scattering properties of models or full-scale articles.

Located at SPC's One Virginia Square building in Arlington, Virginia, our in-house measurement facilities augment present radar capabilities for our customers, and provide range time to those who do not have access to a range.

Our microwave measurement facility contains a high-quality echoic chamber (20' x 20' x 60') that can be secured for classified measurement programs. A model shop, offices, laboratories, training, and SPC scientists and engineers are available to range customers.

The range is normally instrumented with an MkV radar, which is easily transportable to support off-site measurement programs. The radar provides a variety of real-time data display formats; other SPC-developed data processing software can be used to reduce the collected data to standard output formats or images.

SPC's indoor ranges are used for a wide variety of antenna measurements. These include E- and H-plane amplitude and phase patterns as well as gain measurements. Standard ISAR image processing software is used to produce both one- and two-way antenna images. These antenna images are very useful for antenna diagnostics and RCS reduction. No radar modifications are required to perform antenna measurements.

Radar Leasing
Several radars capable of 0.1 to 18 GHz and MMW are available for short-term lease. The MkV radars are the latest SPC products that represent the state-of-the-art in low-RCS measurement technology. All SPC radars are pulsed, coherent, frequency-agile measurement systems that collect data for processing and display in a variety of formats, including RCS vs. azimuth/frequency/downrange, phase vs. azimuth, and two-dimensional ISAR images.

Training courses are given in the range where students have hands-on access to the radars and measurement support equipment. Courses include theory and operation of indoor pulsed radar, MkV system architecture and operation, and RCS measurement test planning. Software training demos are also available either on CD-ROM or online.

For More Information
SPC's microwave measurement facility is available to provide quick-reaction, low-cost measurement services. Our advanced technology systems are operated by an experienced staff of innovative scientists and engineers. For further information on how we can assist you in solving very difficult measurement problems under the most demanding conditions and tightest schedules, please contact us.