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Patented cargo tracking devices—like GlobalTrak®—for the intermodal trade industry

Cargo Ship in Dock being loaded / unloadedWith GlobalTrak®, the most sophisticated, flexible and affordable asset management and cargo tracking system available in the world, SPC has brought its extensive problem-solving experience to bear on the challenges of maintaining intermodal cargo security across the globe while providing real-time and near real-time business process information to all supply chain partners.

A GlobalTrak asset monitoring unit placed with cargo uses GSM cellular and satellite communications to report location and cargo condition from a suite of onboard sensors to an online portal that provides shippers complete in-transit visibility.

GlobalTrak Device
GlobalTrak® Plus Asset Monitoring Unit
GlobalTrak units track and monitor supplies for the Department of Defense in the Middle East and South Asia; pharmaceuticals, ice cream and wholesale beverages in the U.S.; dry goods in the Caribbean; electronics in Europe; organic pizzas going from one continent to another; and many, many other valuable assets.

The GlobalTrak® System is a Unique Tool for Asset Management

Benefits that assure a quick Return-on-Investment

GlobalTrak is a business process system that uses satellite and cell technologies to bring global cargo visibility information to your desktop 24/7. Here is an overview of the benefits of having access to GlobalTrak system reports and alerts about your cargo or assets:
  • Total Visibility: Real-time route information lets you see critical cargo and fleet status
  • Exception Handling: Automated reports and alerts for exception conditions allow response to problems in real-time so problems can be corrected quickly
  • Damage & Spoilage: Cargo condition sensors tell you if the shipment will arrive ready to go on the shelves with required quality and provide accountability data for damage or spoilage en-route
  • Enhanced Security: Electronic security seals and sensors tell you if and when tampering or theft occurs from origin to destination, 24/7. Chain-of-custody information secures shipment and reports unauthorized access.
  • Real-Time Inventory Management: Integrated RFID technology provides positive inventory control everywhere in your supply chain, creating a “Virtual Warehouse” in-transit.

The Information Management Bureau turns data into business process information.

GlobalTrak tracking and monitoring reports are sent to the Information Management Bureau (IMB), a secure, online portal designed for use by either transportation management service providers or enterprise shippers. The IMB is a backend software application that acts as the interface between tracking devices, system users, and user IT systems. User configurable business-rule logic provides the tools necessary for process automation within the supply chain.

Each asset monitoring unit placed with cargo will create an envelope of shipment data from onboard sensor reports—its own Value Network—within the IMB. A shipper can configure the sensor thresholds to report at certain intervals and to alert for breaches, including breaches to security, breaches of temperature limits, or breaches of shock limits. The event-based system allows the user to set business rules to determine a range of management choices from who has access to the shipment data envelope, when door openings are authorized or unauthorized, what shipment documents to place electronically in the envelope, and when to “publish” shipment data. For user convenience, IMB data interfaces easily with complimentary existing software systems through XML document interchange via sFTP, web services, or JMS.

Beyond providing supply chain visibility, the IMB supports U.S. importers completing their U.S. Importer Security Filings. The IMB allows supply chain partners controlled access to the shipment data envelope to fill in sometimes difficult to get data required on manufacturers, consolidators, and stuffing locations.

When GlobalTrak asset monitoring units are uniquely equipped with integrated active or passive RFID readers, the IMB receives, stores, and displays readings of tagged inventory, as well as regular location and condition reports. This capability makes the shipping conveyance into a virtual warehouse that knows when inventory is added or decremented.

How Does GlobalTrak® Work?

Place a GlobalTrak® asset monitoring unit with your shipment – on an intermodal container, semi-trailer, trailer, reefer, railcar, or barge. The unit will report via satellite or GSM cell the shipment’s location, condition, and security to the user-friendly, Web-accessible portal called the Information Management Bureau (IMB). Because GlobalTrak relies on publicly available global communications networks, no additional infrastructure is required.

  • The IMB reports and sends alerts on shipment transit events, electronically attaches/publishes shipping documents, and can manage RFID-tagged inventory, both active and passive versions
  • Electronic seals and sensors provide cargo security and total Chain-of-Custody assurance
  • The IMB provides a common platform for your supply chain partners to list consolidators, stuffing locations, packing lists, and BOLs to support completion of an Importer Security Filing.
  • The IMB will publish purchase orders, invoices, or other documents between and among your supply chain partners.
  • The IMB is an On-Demand service, so requires no investment in cost or time for installation of software platforms for you or your suppliers.
IMB Screen Shot

IMB Screen Shot

IMB Screen Shot

IMB Screen Shot

Information Management Bureau

The GlobalTrak® Product Family

GlobalTrak Kratos

Global Track Product Family Image GSM Cell, ZigBee WLAN, A-GPS. Detects cut and removal. Reusable housing. Padlock and Embedded Tracking versions available.

GlobalTrak Versa

Global Track Product Family Image Global Track Product Family Image For containers, trailers, railcars: Satellite (GlobalStar and Iridium), GSM Cell, ZigBee WLAN, A-GPS, Optional RFID. Integrated sensors: Temp, Motion, Shock, Door, Tamper, Direction, Speed, Acceleration, Optic.

GlobalTrak VersaLite

Global Track Product Family Image GlobalTrak VersaLite – GSM Cell, GlobalStar Satellite, ZigBee WLAN, A-GPS. Mounts beneath & between locking bars. Integrated sensors: Motion, Acceleration, Shock, Door/Tamper.
GlobalTrak Lite

Global Track Product Family Image For containers, reefers, trailers, smaller packaging units: GSM Cell, A-GPS, ZigBee WLAN, simple sensor pack

GlobalTrak SatLite

Global Track Product Family Image Highly reliable, ultra-small, simplex satellite tracker for any tracking. Waterproof and self-contained.

GlobalTrak Remote Sensor Node

Global Track Product Family Image Cargo condition sensor suite: ZigBee-enabled, Temp, Humidity, Motion, Shock, & Door.

Electronic Seals: Bolt & Strap Seals

Global Track Product Family Image GlobalTrak/TydenBrooks ZigBee-enabled barrier bolt seal and tamper indicative strap seal.

Integrated RFID reader

Global Track Product Family Image for active or passive tags.
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Our Partners
E.J. Brooks and GlobalTrak have teamed up to create electronic bolt and strap cargo seals that communicate their security status via a ZigBee® wireless LAN to a GlobalTrak unit that monitors and reports that status. E.J. Brooks is the world’s leading logistics security provider and manufacturer of tamper indicating security seals, locking devices and metering-related products. For 130 years, Brooks’ innovative products have been used by a diverse number of industries to safeguard their revenue and assets.

Wavetrend Technologies Ltd., provides powerful active RFID tags that allow a GlobalTrak unit to track and report on tagged cargo down to the individual item level. Operationally headquartered in the United Kingdom with regional offices in South Africa, Asia, and the United States, Wavetrend is a world leader in the deployment of active RFID solutions. Wavetrend technology enables enhanced management of people, assets, and logistics for improved business performance while optimizing customer return on investment and payback time.

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